Welcome Kristine and Brooks!

We are excited to have two new postdocs! Dr. Kristine Klimovica comes to us from the University of Houston and Dr. Brooks Abel from the University of Southern Mississippi. Welcome to the group!!!!!


Welcome Megan!

Megan Fieser from the Tolman group at UMN came and visited for the week to do high-throughput experiments through the CSP. We’ve really enjoyed having her this week! Come back for another round of experiments any time, Megan!

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New Group Photo!

Here is our most recent group picture (from June 2016)!16jun-coates-groupBack Row: Wei Yu, Qi Zheng, Jessica Lamb, Brandon Tiegs, Omar Padilla Velez, Ting-Wei Lin, Sam Newman-Stonebreaker, Xiaopeng Yu

Front Row: Geoff Coates, Lilli Morris, Susan Chen, Anna Overholts, Aran Hubbel, Julie Longo Whitehead, Kyle O’Connor, Maria Sanford

Not shown: Dave Vaccarello, Anne LaPointe, James Eagan, Ahmed Ahmed, Michelle Lee