Welcome Megan!

Megan Fieser from the Tolman group at UMN came and visited for the week to do high-throughput experiments through the CSP. We’ve really enjoyed having her this week! Come back for another round of experiments any time, Megan!

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New Group Photo!

Here is our most recent group picture (from June 2016)!16jun-coates-groupBack Row: Wei Yu, Qi Zheng, Jessica Lamb, Brandon Tiegs, Omar Padilla Velez, Ting-Wei Lin, Sam Newman-Stonebreaker, Xiaopeng Yu

Front Row: Geoff Coates, Lilli Morris, Susan Chen, Anna Overholts, Aran Hubbel, Julie Longo Whitehead, Kyle O’Connor, Maria Sanford

Not shown: Dave Vaccarello, Anne LaPointe, James Eagan, Ahmed Ahmed, Michelle Lee


Cups to Cleaners with NYS 4-H!

We participated in NYS 4-H’s Career Connections program by hosting a workshop for 8th and 9th graders on polymer chemistry, which included an experiment on recycling PLA cups by degrading them into a cleaning solution. A good time was had by all!


IMG_20160629_093019025 IMG_20160629_092924372 IMG_20160629_093029359 IMG_20160629_131859357