Congratulations Dr. Jessica!

Congrats to Dr. Jessica Lamb on defending her thesis! It was a memorable experience with the fire alarm going off in the middle of it! Best wishes to her as she heads off to MIT to do a postdoc in the Johnson group! We will miss you!

B exam in progress!


Coates group waiting for the fire trucks to arrive and check things out after fire alarm went off in the middle of the B exam. (As far as we know there wasn’t actually a fire!)

B Exam cake!

Champagne opening – can she hit the clock with the cork?

Dr. Jessica and Geoff

One down, three to go!
(From left: Dr. Jessica, Qi, Dave, Kyle)

CSP Annual Meeting 2017

Several members of the group traveled to the University of Minnesota for the Center for Sustainable Polymers (CSP) Annual Meeting.


Anne talks about recycling of PE and iPP.

Geoff gives a talk on new routes to bio-based aliphatic polyesters.

Xiaopeng gives a poptalk on on epoxide/anhydride copolymerizations.


James gives a poptalk on polymer compatibilization.

Poster session

Kyle talks about his research with former group member Bryan Whiting.