Cups to Cleaners with NYS 4-H!

We participated in NYS 4-H’s Career Connections program by hosting a workshop for 8th and 9th graders on polymer chemistry, which included an experiment on recycling PLA cups by degrading them into a cleaning solution. A good time was had by all!


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Welcome Wei!

photo Wei You

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Wei You from Indiana University, Bloomington to the group as a new postdoc! Wei will be working on anion exchange membranes. Welcome, Wei!


Summer Undergrads!

Susan, Sam, and Anna are our summer undergrads this year! Susan is working on polyesters, while  Sam and Anna are working on polyethers. Have a fun summer guys!

Anna, Susan, and Sam looking forward to good times in the epoxide box!

Anna, Susan, and Sam looking forward to good times in the epoxide box!

Congrats Dr. Tiegs and Dr. Whitehead!

IMG_20160616_214433441 IMG_20160616_205129426 IMG_20160617_173544671 IMG_20160617_173455850 IMG_20160617_173155851_HDR

We had a double celebration as Julie and Brandon defended their theses on the same day. Congratulations Dr. Tiegs and Dr. Whitehead! Good luck to them at their new positions at Boulder Scientific and Weber! We will miss you both!

Welcome Kendra!

We were thrilled to have Kendra Souther from Anne McNeil’s group at Michigan visit us for a few days to do high throughput experiments on the robot.