Geoff Coates is Awarded a 2012 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award

Geoff has received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, which recognizes pioneering chemical technologies for pollution prevention. Given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the award highlights “scientific solutions to real-world environmental problems,” according to the EPA. Geoff was recognized in the academic category for developing a family of catalysts that convert carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into polymers.

Photo: Geoff (right) with academic co-awardees Jim Hedrick (left) and Bob Waymouth (center)



Congratulations and farewell to the Dr’s

Dr. Peter Widger, Dr. Bryan Whiting and Dr. Henry Kostalik earned their PhD degrees and graduated this summer. Pete moved to the Boston area to work at EInk, Bryan moved to Austin to being teaching at Trinity University and Henry moved on to Minneapolis to begin work at 3M.

Hats off to the new Professors!

Dr. Kevin Noonan will be beginning the 2011 Fall semester as a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and Dr. Brian Long will be enjoying the nice weather just south as he begins his career at the University of Tennessee. We look forward to seeing your next publications!

Geoff Coates elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Geoff has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences this year, along with other well-known folks like Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and Cornell’s President Skorton. The new class of academy fellows will be inducted October 1st in Cambridge, Mass. Founded in 1780, the academy is an independent policy research center that conducts multidisciplinary studies of complex and emerging problems. Congratulations Geoff!