Congratulations Dr. Kyle!

We congratulate Dr. Kyle as he passed his B Exam! We will all miss you and wish you all the best starting your next journey at Solvay!

Kyle’s defense in progress. Rubber chicken’s last appearance as he demonstrates elastomers!

For the first time in Coates group history Kyle got the clock with a cork not once but twice!!!

Let’s celebrate!

Dr. Kyle’s cake!

They all made it!
From left: Dr. Jessica, Dr. Qi, Dr. Dave, Dr. Kyle

Congratulations Dr. Qi!

Congratulations to the newest Dr of the Coates group as Dr. Qi successfully defended his thesis! Good luck to you as you head off to PPG in Pittsburgh! We will miss you!

Before defense

Dr. Qi

B exam cake

proud advisor

Qi aims at James who bravely stood in the line of fire.

Geoff gets the first drink with the new Dr!

Champagne shots!

565 is proud of their new Dr! (Missing Wei)

Halfway there!
From left: Dr. Jessica, Dr. Qi, Dave contemplating that he is next, Kyle

REU students arrive!

We are happy to have two REU students this summer through the CSP. Paul is visiting us from Case Western University and Anna is our in-house Cornellian.


Graduation Ceremony 2017

Congratulations to our Coates Group graduates both grads and undergrads! Best wishes to Susan as she heads to optometry school, Sam as he continues his chemistry at Princeton, and Ahmed as he travels to Oxford University as a Rhodes scholar! We will all miss you!


Left to right: Sam, Qi, Dave, Geoff, Jessica, Kyle

Left to right: Qi, Kyle, Ahmed, Sam, Jessica, and Dave

Western NY Inorganic Symposium 2017

Members of the Coates group pretended to be inorganic chemists for a day and presented at the Western NY Inorganic Symposium at Cornell.  Thanks to the Wilson group and other organizers for arranging the conference!

Wei presents his PhD work.

A crowd gathers around Wei’s poster on cross-couplings.

Kristine presents her PhD work on coinage-metal ethylene complexes.

“There will be no transition metals in this talk.” Maria presents on aluminum catalyzed polymerizations.

Congratulations Dr. Jessica!

Congrats to Dr. Jessica Lamb on defending her thesis! It was a memorable experience with the fire alarm going off in the middle of it! Best wishes to her as she heads off to MIT to do a postdoc in the Johnson group! We will miss you!

B exam in progress!


Coates group waiting for the fire trucks to arrive and check things out after fire alarm went off in the middle of the B exam. (As far as we know there wasn’t actually a fire!)

B Exam cake!

Champagne opening – can she hit the clock with the cork?

Dr. Jessica and Geoff

One down, three to go!
(From left: Dr. Jessica, Qi, Dave, Kyle)