REU students arrive!

We are happy to have two REU students this summer through the CSP. Paul is visiting us from Case Western University and Anna is our in-house Cornellian.


CSP Annual Meeting 2017

Several members of the group traveled to the University of Minnesota for the Center for Sustainable Polymers (CSP) Annual Meeting.


Anne talks about recycling of PE and iPP.

Geoff gives a talk on new routes to bio-based aliphatic polyesters.

Xiaopeng gives a poptalk on on epoxide/anhydride copolymerizations.


James gives a poptalk on polymer compatibilization.

Poster session

Kyle talks about his research with former group member Bryan Whiting.

Welcome Megan!

Megan Fieser from the Tolman group at UMN came and visited for the week to do high-throughput experiments through the CSP. We’ve really enjoyed having her this week! Come back for another round of experiments any time, Megan!

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Cups to Cleaners with NYS 4-H!

We participated in NYS 4-H’s Career Connections program by hosting a workshop for 8th and 9th graders on polymer chemistry, which included an experiment on recycling PLA cups by degrading them into a cleaning solution. A good time was had by all!


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Welcome Steve!

We had a great time having Dr. Steve Jacob from the Toste group at UC Berkeley and a fellow member of the CSP as part of the group for a week. He did high-throughput experiments on the robot and was a temporary member of 570 and the polyolefins crew.